Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oboe Life - Take 7: What It's Like Being The Perfect Asian?

Being Asian...Are Filipinos Even Asian?

Hello! Well, Summer has really become rather humid and moist in Southern California, which means Oboes do not cooperate. I feel like other instruments in the world don't have that much of a problem compared to double reed instruments (don't shoot me if I have offended you), but it's hard. I've had trouble recently with making reeds. I'll talk more about them later...

So, Asians...I am a fellow Asian. There's always this debate whether or not Filipinos are even Asian. I say Filipinos are Asian. We have the ethnic genes of looking like one, but just because we are Islanders does not make us different. I guess that can be the same for other islanders in the Asia Continent, but it's a common debate. 

I can honestly say that what goes on with being Asian is sort of hard. Well, it really stresses a lot on the relationship between the guardian and the child. That stereotype of Asian are super smart and perfect, usually comes from the fact that we only do it to appease our parents. At first glance, parents can be really hard and strict, only wanting to produce the child that can bring honor to their family name, but it's mostly to just wanting their children to be able to survive in the real world; making sure that we, the children, don't starve or become homeless. They just want what's best for us, and being strict and perfection is their way of doing so. 

From experience, yes that's what I had lived through the past 17 years. I am probably the definition of Asian in my peers eyes: good grades, talented, big family, perfectionist, no emotions, no social life...etc. But, I don't feel perfect. I always believe that people are better than others in certain things, but there will always be someone else who is better than them in other stuff too. So, I am musically talented, so I've been told, and I can do all my scales (the whole major minor melodic harmonic deal) from memory, but I suck at taking tests. I know other people who are pure academic geniuses,  but do the most stupidest things like drugs and alcohol.  I just thank my mom for pushing me to be a hardworker cause then I wouldn't be able to get good grades. 

So, all I can say as a stereotypical Asian is that I'm not all that perfect. Sometimes I have emotional breakdowns because school stresses me out or people stress me out. Yes, I can be really good at one thing, but there are other things I know that people can do better than me. Sometimes my parents can be really goofy and caring, other times they can be super strict and bring the whooping stick for me and my brother's butts. Yes, I am Asian,  but my family and I have adapted to the western culture, and we're living the American Dream.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Oboe Life - Take 6:Blast From The Past - My Experience With Mozart

Mozart...Herr Mozart...Eww

So, ever come across some article or post that introduces this new-found Prodigy, which always somehow lowers your self-esteem, and makes you believe that it's your parents fault, or someone's fault that you aren't as great or special as that Prodigy? Well, how about actually meeting one, or knowing one? 

Anyway, I was driving home from somewhere the other night, and decided to listen to the local Classical Music station on the radio. As I'm driving though, this familiar song comes on, and I couldn't figure out what it was, but I was for certain that I had played it before with my childhood orchestra. I'm sitting there, humming along, trying to rack my brain in to figure out what song it is...and it's not like you can just go on Google and be like "Search: Classical Song with that one amazing cello phrase with that little flute/oboe duet". No! I mean, yeah I figured to go on the radio stations website when I got home, and find out what song was playing at 7:58pm. No, while I was listening to the song, in my head, I started to envision myself playing it on the flute (Yes, I play flute...this was waaaayyyy before I played Oboe), and I can see the entire orchestra, and the music infront of me...and then I look who was sitting next to me. 

*Input picture of Mozart here*

Ok, it's not the real Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that people all know and love, it's just Tom Hulce playing Mozart from the movie Amadeus. If you've seen the movie, just imagine the laugh that he does. If not, here you go...
Anywho, so, being in this orchestra, the East County Youth Symphony, I learned many things. 1) that I have improved a lot on flute, but neglect to play it now. 2) that I love and Mozart (he didn't write a flute nor an oboe part for his Requiem). and 3) that Mozart has been reincarnated into this small, Asian kid. Asians...the stereotypes are being lived up to by them. I even live up to them because people hold me to be the perfect Asian, but there are some aspects of Asians that can be only perfect in one general area. For this kid, we go back...a lot, to the beginning of our time in this particular orchestra. His name is John, and he's about 2 years younger than me. The first time I met this Mozart was when we auditioned for the orchestra the same night. I was intimidated immediately. Both of us auditioned on flute, and the pieces we were playing could not even compare to each other at all. He was playing some advanced flute repertoire that was extraordinary, while I was playing out of my middle school solo pieces. I was dying on the inside.

We both made it in. I didn't know anything about him until later on though. So, after summer break, we were the two finalist to make it up to the Advanced Orchestra, and I'm like "Yes, I don't suck!", but on the night of the first rehearsal, I sit down next to John, and glanced over at his flute. No doubt, my flute was a piece of stick found at some pawn shop; I had a beginner's flute (Armstrong...eww), while he had an opened-holed Yamaha. Then...he opened his mouth, "Your case looks like crap...are you Asian or just really burnt?" And it goes on... He threw dirt in my hair once. 

I think what bothered me most was that he was younger than me, and talented. I was indeed Antonio Salieri (Watch Amadeus! Then you will me it's on netflix). At least I didn't kill him though. I grew out of the envious stage after I switched to Oboe, and was really not affected by him. I matured. We both got out of the orchestra around the same time, except I come back every summer to play, he doesn't. It's all good now. I wonder what he's doing. 

So, yeah. The song on the radio was Beethoven's Symphony No. 2. I was playing 2nd flute to John - Principal chair. He really did make me a better player though because I just kept striving to be better than him. So, I thank him for my now succesful musician's youth. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oboe Life - Take 3: Ghosts Are Real...& The End Is Here.

What Is Planned For The Upcoming Summer?

With all due respect, if you believe in the supernatural, then do not get offended or ticked-off about what I'm going to say about ghosts (because spirits are far from relevant to this in any way or form). So, have you ever gotten that gut-renching feeling when you know something is going to happen to you, or you've just gotten bad news and you're about to faint? Well, mine was more like an instant shock, that made you feel like time froze and everything around you stood still, and you just happen to feel very lost and confuse, and lose all sense of speech and hearing. 

Very personal, but that's how I felt after seeing the one person that seemed like a ghost to me. I planned on going to Dollar Tree to pick up some supplies for my end-of-the-year Woodwind gifts to show my woodwinds how much I've appreciated and enjoyed the past year with them, but at the last minute, I made a sudden turn to Target instead. I'm not sure why I decided to go to Target, but something instinctively told me to. So, I had my cousin with me, and we went to Target. I'm walking around the aisles looking for what I need, and I turn around in one aisles and my cousin is gone. So, I run out of the aisle looking for her, but at that same moment as I ran out, there it was: the ghost. 

This ghost is a really dear friend of mine; one that always made me feel anxious and nervous, and that feeling of confusion and mixed feelings of emotions. I can admit that I had the biggest crush on this fellow a few years back, but never went in to pursue due to the relationship I was in. Anyway, so I saw him out there, staring at me back. I was in total shock. I haven't seen this person since a year before, but even then I haven't actually spoken a word to him in person for years, disregarding the letters that I would write to him. It was my experience as if I was seeing this ghost. He was a ghost that came back from the dead. My physical state was there, but my mind had shut down. Although, we did say a few things and went our way, even waving to each other once more before we left the store, but I was speaking in unfinished sentences that trailed off with loose ends. It was a feeling that made me lost. 

Anyway, enough of that. School has ended for me, and I am now a Senior in high school. I wrote a facebook post a couple of days ago, saying how I still feel like a 14-year-old freshmen with curiosity, then I said I'd rather travel with The Doctor than experience the real world. I've said my goodbyes to many seniors, some that I have gotten to know this year, others that I've grown close to, and some that happen to just only say hello to me now. My experience with these seniors were such a whirlwind for me. I've never experienced such interesting people in my life, but they have shown me the life lessons that everyone should learn. Their mistakes have become lessons that hopefully the next set of band students will learn from. I hope that I can try to teach those lessons for next year before I leave. 

Some of these fellow seniors will go out to universities, stay here and attend community college where they will find who they want to be, and some will go out to serve our country and depart this month, and others will also just try to enjoy life. Whatever they do, I know band will keep them on the right track. 

As for my summer, I plan on applying as a Barista for tea cafes or Starbucks, just to earn the money to make my reeds, and lessons. I also plan on attending a music camp held at the local state university. Starting tomorrow evening, I will be joining the local youth symphony and perform with them Antonin Dvorak's Symphony no. 9 - New World, where I will play both Oboe and English Horn. I will strive to do my best and continue to grow this summer, so when I return to school, I will be able to play oboe still. 

Speaking of school, I will be ruining my embochure for the last time with my fellow high school marching band. Because I did not get Drum Major (not saying I regret that), I will be playing flute. That means I have to find a community group to play in, so that way my oboe embochure will continue to develop. 

Here is to the end, oh and a funny video of a ghostbuster spoof the Trumpet section did my freshmen year for Pop's. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Oboe Life - Take 2: What Is In Store For Next School Year?


I can honestly say that I saw it coming. I don't know how I should react. I already know what majority of the people think. The thing that threw me off though is the reaction from people is not what I expected. I feel proud, but I also feel confused or weird about it all.

So, Band Leadership, is something that has really influenced and changed me to become a better person. I still have flaws, but I strive to be perfect and influential, and just plain wonderful. I applied in these roles: President, Drum Major, Woodwind Captain, Librarian. In the program, students are allowed to have multiple jobs. The thing though is in 8th grade, I held 2 of the most important jobs that someone would die for in band: President & Drum all honesty, I dreaded that year; I gave up towards the last few months of the school year because I learned to regret how I was seen as a leader and as a friend. This sort of influenced how I felt when applying for these jobs; I was at a fork in the road so to say, and I did not know which job I wanted more. To be President would have proven to be a great accomplishment because I would be walking in the steps of a role model that inspired me to be who I am today, and she was deemed as the perfect student. But, to be Drum Major would have been a chance to redeem myself as a leader, and discover the skills that I would have used back then. Woodwind Captain and Librarian were past positions that I have held in the past two years. 

It was hard when I was asked by my director which role I wanted more, Drum Major or President. I did not know, especially since I had this plan in my head since Freshmen Year: I have this friend, who is like my best friend in the music world, and she had the qualities and potential to become The Greatest Drum Major known in the program. I always envisioned us as a pair; she would be Drum Major and I would be President, and we would help the program expand and grow, just like how we both grown in our individual musical journey. But, she has grown to dislike the program each year she's been in it, and decided to not continue it for the fall. I was devastated, but I understood her reason for leaving. I wasn't going to beg and plead with her to stay. Yes, I was upset, but I trusted she was doing the right thing. 

Because of that, I was left with the dreadful decision of which role I wanted more. You would think I would still just stick to wanting President, but because the position for Drum Major was up for people who had a chance, I wanted to audition for it. The entire application process for leadership made me relive some past auditions for leadership in the past. I felt like I was walking through some cobbled steps in a forrest where the dark woods would lead to some opening, and I could see that opening to be one of the auditions or approach to joining leadership. I left it up to God and faith, and whoever controlled my life to see what was best for the program. 

It was great, and I was proud to have gotten the role of Band President, Woodwind Captain, and Librarian for the 2015-2016 school year. I was happy for my opponent who got Drum Major, but although I am anxious to see what she does, I will have trust in her that she will do great. As for the reactions though....many complained about why I didn't get that one position. My mom's  initial reaction threw me off as she yelled why I didn't get Drum Major. That was fun...Others have commented towards me about why I didn't get the role they wanted me to get. In the end though, I have found my peace with drum major, and will move on to a role that I actually gave up in 8th grade (halfway through my 8th grade year, I gave up the role of president and kept DM). I cannot wait to see what is in store for me, and I will do my best to bring the program back on its feet. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oboe Life - Previous Takes

Oboe life: Take 1 - Fireworks and Music Disasters
So, it’s midnight. HAPPY FOURTH TO ALL OF YOU! Anyway, yesterday, during lunch time, I get this email about my ensemble placement in SDYS. I got put into 3 ensembles! Except, they’re really intermediate. I did try out for the ovation program, but my flute auditioned sucked due to that C on the very high register. In my head, I calculate the hours I have to spend at rehearsals with these ensembles that I got in, and it was like 9 hours! I have to spend 9 hours every week and rush to school for marching competitions. Nope, not gonna happen. So I emailed the administration about it, but since its firework weekend, I have to wait until Tuesday.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I will be enjoying today at orchestra rehearsal playing the Rachmaninoff opera, Alekko, Saturday at the county fair, and Sunday at SDSU spending my entire next week with SDSMI music camp.
May all of you have a safe Independence Day.

Hello to all of you! I just recently came back from the SDSMI music camp in San Diego. It was my second time there and I made it as Principal Oboist of one of the ensembles there. This year had to be better than last year’s because (1) we started a String Orchestra this year, (2) we got more oppurtunities with Professional Oboists, and lastly, (3) SDSMI had its first guest artist *Drum Roll* World Renowned Euphonium player, Brian Bowman! Ahh! All the wind ensembles had a chance to accompany his solos and got to meet him. It was fantastic! My overall experience was just great. We also got the chance of attending a concert performed by the San Diego Winds. 
I know for a fact that i’ve improved in my playing technique and was shown what music really meant to everyone. The masterclasses were just small previews of what will soon to be my Private Lessons with the Principal Oboists of the San Diego Symphony. I feel so lucky. Brian Bowman even gave all of us a lesson in producing good tone quality. I’ll post a picture of that. I know that I am on the right path at becoming who I want to be, and that is to be a Professional Oboist. Hard work and dedication, bring it on. Well, thats it for now. 
I will later post videos I took from camp of several performances and one of Brian Bowman. Enjoy the summer! Keep practicing! 

Hello to the world of music on tumblr! Anyway, I just finished my one week of band camp with all of the craziness of new freshmen and new music and all that jazz. So, for those of you who don’t know, I’m also a flute player (played since 2008). I only play flute at school nowadays, but soon I will be playing flute for the San Diego Youth Symphony. Oh, I guess you guys are wandering about my oboe life…shh. I haven’t practiced since Sunday since band camp was 9 to 9 this whole week. Don’t worry, I’m gonna practice later today to make it up.
A little bit about marching band for me: I still do flute today because my school is in need of flutes. I thought I could quit the flute this year…until my band director placed me as Woodwind Captain (section leader for all woodwinds). So, I’m still doing that whole annoying sunscreen stuff and marching on the football field with 8 to 5s and 16 to 5s and 6 to 5s. (I apologize to all the double reed players who don’t know anything about marching band).
Oh, so our show this year is about toys; like toy soldiers. Our songs are going to be based on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. I like it, kind of. I had the crazy idea of asking my band director to give me an oboe solo for the last movement…hey, if I’m forced to march again, I want a special, unique solo. So, I’ll ask her next rehearsal.
Every year, for band camp we have several teams. Each team is grouped by different instruments. This year, flutes were paired with trombones. I felt like all of us were like why, but we pulled through. We even came in a close 2nd place this year (color guard and baritones/tubas won 1st). Anyway, our team name this year was Swiggity Swones Flambones. Very weird. But oh well…and thats all to what I have to say. Until next time! Keep practicing!

Oboe Life: Take 6 - Life, Liberty, and Flute Dominos (apparently not death).
     Hello to many of you, who go on tumblr on a Sunday Morning. Anywho, life still goes on, and I am still doing Marching Band. I just had the worst Saturday in the history of Saturdays ever yesterday, and it makes me wonder why I agreed to still do Marching Band. Sometimes, I just want to kill someone for forcing this task down my throat (figuratively speaking). 
     Okay, so for people reading my “Oboe Life” for the first time (hey, congrats) I play flute in a high school marching band during marching season. Then I switch over to Oboe in the Spring for concert season. I prefer oboe, but I was placed as woodwind captain, so now i’m forced to play flute. 
     Anyway, so my saturday began really early. The band was hired to play at a Grand Opening for Sports Authority. Call time was 7:20. (Why the heck would you have a grand opening at 7 in the morning…). So, I’m about to leave the house at 6:30, and  I get into my car…it’s not moving. I got out and checked…there’s a flat tire. So, I’m like panicing inside because there are no other cars for me to drive, and I had to be there early because I’m in leadership. So, I did three things. 1) I called my boyfriend first because he was like my 911 when I was in trouble (even though…he really doesn’t help me in most situations…). So, I tell him that I had a flat and if his mom can give me a ride over there. I live about half-an-hour away from the school, and he lives ten mins away from there, I live pretty far. He told me he’ll call me back to see if he can. 2) I call another fellow leader (in this case, our president), and she was just not answering her phone at all. Later, she texted me at 7 saying she just woke up. Then brings me to the last thing I did. 3) I text the Drum Major. Ironically, she was the last person late to the gig. 
     So, I get back in the house to eat some mangos cause I needed to calm myself, and I pet my rabbit while doing so. Next thing you know, right at 7, my mom comes home, and I just grabbed the keys and got her in the car with me. At this time, my boyfriend calls me back saying he’s on his way to get me, but I’m already driving, so they turn around and meet us over at the gig. 
     The gig lasted about an hour. It was the band, the cheerleaders, and the local YMCA. It was hot! It was early! and I just wanted to die. Afterwards, most of the band went over for brunch at Denny’s. I joined my boyfriend’s family there for brunch and you know, we ate, we had a good time. I was putting this fake smile and quiet attitude to surpress my inner demon that wanted to just sleep. The rest of the morning before rehearsal started, all I did was hang out with his family. 
     Oh, so before the rehearsal started, our leadership was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I was supposed to do it, but I didn’t make it in time. Our leadership nominated all the drum majors in our school district, another high school’s band leadership, and one of the brass coaches. I wish I had done it because the weather was 91 degrees farenheit all throughout the afternoon. I was dying and was so annoyed and pissed. I kid no one that I just wanted to kill people. We even ran out of water and ice half way for the first part of the rehearsal. 
     By the time dinner came around, I was just dying and felt so light headed. It was a lot of pain to deal with, but of course, I had to be the one to push through it because I’m in leadership. Although, the one thing that was the absolute worst part of the night was Flute Dominos. 
     Flute Dominos: so it was 8:40ish at night, and it was one of the last few runs of the night. We were doing the second movement of our marching show, and the second set to the 3rd the woodwinds were doing a backwards march, one flute tripped, then the other one tripped on her, then another, then me, then the piccolo, then the last flute player. It was one of the most humiliating things I have ever experienced (besides my nose bleed incident at festival. I’ll tell the story another time). Everyone was laughing, and we had to redo the run, not to mention all of us doing push-ups for our chaos. 
     For me, I felt really ashamed at myself. As section leader of all woodwinds, I just couldn’t handle that because it made me look bad, and I felt like I lost trust from everyone. When you’re a leader and you lose the trust of others, its really hard to regain it back. The staff gave everyone a 10 min. break after that, and I just went back on the field and went into a child’s pose, crying. My body was giving up, my mind was racing at a million miles per hour, and a little child emerged and took hold of me. The rest of the night, even after practice, I barely talked to anyone. I just wanted to go home and die. 
     But hey, it happened, and I just have to be strong about it. I may be dying on the inside, but I have to show how strong I can be about it. Well, that’s it for this week’s adventure. I will try my hardest to get at least one of these once a week. Until next week! Keep practicing!

Oboe Life: Take 7 - FOOOOTBALLL, Honor Band, & Composition (HOT!)
     Hello! So, I’m gonna go backwords in this timeline, so pay attention. Just kidding, I’m just doing this to remember life. Anyway, so we had our 1st Home Football Game for marching band. It was also our first performance during Halftime of our 1st and 2nd movements. I really liked it, and I enjoyed how it went. For a first performance, it went pretty well, it was okay. We can do better next Friday. The band was just super spirited and awesome last night, I even had a fun time watching the football team win. It was funny; my freshmen year, I had no clue what the hell was going when football played, and I even asked, “Did they get a home run?”. Sophomore year, I kind of got a clue, but this year (Junior year), I actually understood everything. No more saying “home runs” or “hole in one”. My woodwind section did amazing being enthusiastic and having fun. There were some who were a little forgetful, but we fixed the situation. Oh! So, in marching band, everyone has to wear gloves, but my woodwinds (clarinets & flutes) have to have their finger tips cute for them to be able to play, especially for me and clarinets, I play an open hole flute for marching band, and clarinets have open hole keys. The thing was, I was doing the cutting of the fingertips, and what I told them was to put their gloves on and stick their fingers out. I was cutting fast. People were freaking out thinking that I would cut their fingers off, there was even this one flute player in my section, who started screaming, and my face went into a big shock, until I figured out that I really didn’t. I had my fingertips cut too, and my friend, The Piccolo (toothpick), did that, and she was telling me that she’s afraid of cutting my fingers off, but I told her, “Hey, I’ll forgive you if you do cut my finger off, but I’ll just have to end up playing instruments with my toes”. Anyway, last night was just one of the best I’ve ever experienced with a football game, and everything was cool, (I posted a pic on my insta: Heyitsgeorgiiee of my flute section with 2 of my past sectionleaders from middle school and high school). 
     So, before the whole football game happened, our director posted the District Honor Band music on the band website. Being who I am, was one of the first people to check it out. I look at it, and it’s Pictures at an Exhibition “Il Vecchio Castello” - Mussorgsky and Molly on the Shore - Grainger. It’s my second year trying out on Oboe (Freshmen year, I auditioned on flute). Not to sound conceited or a snob, but I know I’m getting in. There are barely any oboe players in my high school district. I was 2nd chair (last) chair last year, and the Principle Oboist just graduated last year. I’m not hoping for 1st because I know something can happen, but I do hope to actually get in. Anywho, I just have to rebuild my embochure and have a consistent schedule for Private Lessons. 
     The beginning of this week, I was only worried about writing music. We’re doing small ensembles that I’m co-leading with a fellow trombone player. She’s handling brass, and i’m in charge of woodwinds. We have almost the entire flute section and 3 clarinets and 2 saxophones. I’m doing oboe, and will only be the only oboist, unless I can get one of the flute players to practice oboe. For flutes, I gave them Pavane - Maurice Ravel. For Clarinets/Saxes, Humoresque - Antonin Dvorak. I think it will go great. I have faith in flutes. Clarinets and Saxes, I’m a little skeptical about them, but I trust they will get better with practice. Also, I chose an advanced piece when we start intermixing instruments, and I wanted to do two pieces: Aubade - Paul de Wailly & 3 Flitrtations for Oboe and Trumpet. Aubade is a trio for Flute, Oboe, & Clarinet; I really want to do this piece because it can express a lot of musicality that it demands from the players, and I need advanced players to play this with me to give them some insight on expressiveness and structure. For the Flirtations for Oboe and Trumpet duet, I’ve been trying to find a simple, relaxing duet with some intermediate demands to play with my boyfriend (trumpet). I realized recently how much improvement he’s been growing, and how well his tone and technique has gotten. I know he doesn’t like to play soloistic or duets or stuff (with me especially), but I just want to actually expose him to something interesting. Maybe I’ll just write one. Speaking of which, his birthday is coming up, and I plan to surprise him with something musical. 
     Oh, so, if any of you folks have been experiencing Southern California weather, it has reached 103 degrees, and I am just having one of those bad attitudes and having bad temper. I absolutely hate hot, and warm weather. So, at practices, I’m just not smiling or patient. I feel like that, I don’t know if that is actually happening, but I just feel like that. Anyway, I’m gonna end it here tonight. It’s still super hot, and I just want to possibly take a nap. Okay, until next time guys! Keep being “natural”! 

Oboe Life - Take 8: Look at the Stars!
      Hey to all of you. I’m just gonna start blabbing about life. So, 1st off, Honor Bands. I know last time I talked about auditioning for Distrtict Honor Band, but I’ve decided to prepare for California All State Honor Band as well. I’ve never done this, but since I’ve decided to become a Music Major, I have to audition more and more to prepare for my college auditions. This year’s audtion piece for All State is Camille Saint-Saens’s Oboe Sonata. I already ordered my own copy of it, and it should be arriving this Thursday. I can’t wait to play it. So, I’ve put the Poulenc piece away for awhile to concentrate on the Sonata. I’m still debating whether or not I wanna do the Southern California Honor Band, but I’ll make up my mind later. 
     Speaking of college, I’m leaning towards just staying in California and not even going out of state. I do wanna go up Northern and get out of Southern. My flute section are wanting to really go to UCLA only because I think they wanna be with our former section leader. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I just want something new. So, UCLA is one of the schools i’m considering, but its not my #1 school that I wanna go to. I’m looking at the bay area, maybe UC Berkley or the San Fransico Conservatory up there. Some of the other schools are other UC schools, and possibly some in the East Coast. It all depends, but I’ll keep researching. 
     Marching Band is still going great. We just finished our 3rd movement, and competition is in less than 2 weeks. I’m excited and I know that the band is excited. There was a quoted that our Drum Major said last night after our last Saturday Rehearsal, and it was “We earn the trophies at practice, and we pick them up at Competitions”. So, super excited for that. We have way more props for a 1a band, and our drill is just super hard, and annoying, but we know that we’ll kick butt. Oh! So, if you’ve ever been or seen a football stadium, there are bright headlights right above that keep the football field lit up, and its really bright. My freshmen year, our last marching band rehearsal, the lights went off, and it was super dark. People were pulling out their phones and screaming. Freshmen year was fun, eventually the lights came back on, but last night the lights went off too right after rehearsal ended. I didn’t really find it fun though, because everyone was just screaming. Our drum major called everyone to attention, and I gave out the commands for everyone to just get everything off the field. I was the last one there to make sure that everyone was off and that nothing was left behind. I noticed though how bright the stars were. It was beautiful, and everything just seemed still. I wish people can realize what’s going up above their heads instead of what’s happening on their phones. Anyway, so that’s that. 
     So, I guess that’s all I have to say. I really don’t have anything more than just all of these things happening. I’m so scared for my future, but I’m still preparing, and I’m happy to know that I’m deciding at a good pace. Well, I’ll write again later. Enjoy the fall weather coming in!

Oboe life - Take 9: Life Away From Music
Hi guys. Happy Sunday! Honestly, I know barely anyone even reads this, but you know I just want to write out about my life whether or not someone reads it or not. So, tonight, Im just gonna talk about my regular life away from music. Lets get started.
Im still in highschool, being the typical teenager, who kills herself with the tremendous work and stressload of 3 AP classes and Band. Not only that, but I do academic league (decathalon, quiz bowl, whatever you guys wanna call it), and science olympiad (huge nerd science fair); Im the president for the science fair one. At school, I aim to be at the top 3% of my class (top 30) and hope to get a good scores on my SATs and APs.
At home, I grew up from a non-musical family, but with little choral experience and little-instrument experience from my great great grandfather. Like school, home life is just as busy and rowdy with a big family and little house. I managed to care for a rabbit, named Brownie for a year, but he died recently about 2 weeks ago. I grew up moving frequently from one state to another, and to many elementary schools. My home life wasnt stable until 4th grade when I was able to settle with my mom, grandmother, and brother. Other people lived along with us, but they come and go.
It wasnt until 4th grade when I started focusing more on martial arts, swimming, and where I began to study music voluntarily. Martial arts, I studied Arnis/Eskrima (filipino stick fighting) from my dad since I was 5, around the same time when I started to study the art of TaeKwonDo (south korean). I rarely practice arnis now since I started high school, but I come back to practicing it at times. On regular basis, I practice TKD about once a week. I do the old school forms of Palgwes and the more modern TaeGeuks. Martial arts is a huge part of my life and is a part of me, for it really did teach me the way of life, and is a great way to relieve stress. As for swimming, professionally, no, but I did learn all the techniques of swimming and went on to do some things for the local pool community during the summers as a junior life guard. Not my number one focus in life, but its a hobby that, like martial arts, is a part of me since I was a toddler.
Music: okay, i said i wouldnt talk about music, but I’ll only talk of my beginning. So, when i finally got to settle down in a town where I can make long term friends during my 4th grade year, I decided for some reason that I wanted to play piano. My grandmother bought this house, and along came a piano. No one knew how to play it, so I decided I would be the first to learn. At first it seemed weird that I was attracted to the box of string, but everyone figured I couldve gotten this from my great great grandfather. But yeah, i learned, and I am an advanced player who has performed in many groups and sometimes as a soloist on piano. The following year, i picked up the flute since middle school didnt accept piano, so I began to learn it too, but i learned quick since I already had music theory built into me. I focused on flute and became adavnced enough to play in youth symphonies until I was called to play oboe. Oboe i didnt pick up until 8th grade and I wont go further with that.
*bonus, I did however sing for a couple of years. I sang in elementary school and middle school. I won attention when I sang the national anthem at a parade in elementary school, but that chorus side of me died, when i was dragged into band…literally, but thats a story for next time. Okay, well thats it from me. Until next time!!

Oboe Life - Take 1: A New Start

A New Beginning To Writing My Musical Life

Hello! Well, this is a start for me. I am continuing my life and sharing it with the world. I previously held a miniature "blog" from where I wrote about my marching life. I'll post the previous Takes on here later on, but feel free to look on my tumblr. 

Let's take the time to introduce myself and my journey on playing the oboe. 

I began my journey on the oboe at the age of 14 in 8th grade of middle school where I switched from Flute. Previously, I started playing Piano at the age of 9, and then was introduced to Flute in 5th grade. I stopped playing Oboe halfway through 8th grade, but picked it up again right after I entered high school. My first performance on oboe was through East County Youth Symphony, where I performed Antonin Dvorak-New World Symphony; I was 2nd oboe. During this time, I still played flute with the high school marching band, and went on to play flute during marching seasons and oboe for concert seasons. It is my third year in high school and I have started to play less flute and more oboe. I believe that playing flute will inhibit me from developing my oboe embochure to its full potential. 

I first studied with Electra Reed, who was a graduate of Julliard, and now I study with Sarah Skuster, who is the Principal Oboist of the SD Symphony. 

Now I am finishing my junior year with the idea that I want to become an Oboe Performance major. As for college, I have only chosen to look at schools in California because I believe they have some of the best music programs there. I am not completely sure which school yet, but I know that I'll do great. 

And to close this Take, I'd like to share my first solo performance, which is on my youtube channel, of Francis Poulenc's Oboe Sonata - Elegie (